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Joe Locke plays Charlie Spring

Charlie is a student, who was recently forced out of the closet and faced some bullying at his school since then. Since then, he has made friends with Tao, Elle and Isaac throughout the year. He forms a new friendship with Nick Nelson during this term when they are placed next to each other in form tutor seating plans for English class – but wonders if their friendship could evolve into something more by how well they get along as friends too!

Kit Connor plays Nick Nelson

Nick Nelson meets Charlie Spring in the first episode of our series. They hadn’t spoken previously, because they were of different social circles and Nick was a year older than Charlie. However, there’s an instant attraction between them when they meet for form class at their grammar school that leads to Nick becoming very fond of him but also forces some tough personal questions on him like “what does your future hold?”

Olivia Colman plays Sarah Nelson

Nick’s mother, Sarah, is supportive of him and helps to raise him. She often calls Nick a “man” instead of the more gender-neutral term “person”. But sometimes she makes comments about his assumed heterosexuality that leave her son feeling uncomfortable.

William Gao plays Tao Xu

One of Charlie’s best friends is Tao and he is fiercely protective of him. However, when Nick starts spending time with Charlie, Tao becomes suspicious that they are becoming close in a way that could threaten the friendships within the group- but mainly his friendship with Elle and Isaac.

Yasmin Finney plays Elle Argent

Elle has been a good friend to Charlie and Tao, ¬†She is transgender but was forced to move schools last year. This term she is starting at an all-girls school in the same neighbourhood as Charlie and Tao’s, which worries her because she might not make friends.

Corinna Brown plays Tara Jones

Tara is a student at the all-girls school that Elle joins. She strikes up a rapport with her after meeting one morning in form; she’s really likeable and shares some things about herself too, so they become friends as quickly as possible!

Kizzy Edgell plays Darcy Olsson

Tara is Darcy’s girlfriend, but they have not openly announced that fact up to now. The two of them start hanging out with Elle when she joins their school.

Sebastian Croft plays Ben Hope

Ben is Charlie’s boyfriend at the beginning of the series, but their relationship is toxic. He refuses to even acknowledge him in public as he fears his friends will find out about them and leaves Charlie feeling unvalued.

Tobie Donovan plays Isaac

Isaac is one of Charlie’s friends and often spends time with Tao, Elle, and himself- taking a break from social interactions. He is quieter than the other members of the group which helps him avoid getting drawn into arguments.

Rhea Norwood plays Imogen

Imogen is a girl at the nearby grammar school who has been subtly crushing on Nick.

Jenny Walser plays Tori Spring

Tori is Charlie’s older sister who lives in an introverted environment but still cares what her brotherdoes. She is the main character of Alice Oseman’s novel,Solitaire which takesplace before Heartstopper.

Fisayo Akinade plays Mr Ajayi

Charlie’s art teacher, Mr Ajayi, is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. He protects Charlie and lets him eat lunch in the art room on days when he faces harassment.

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