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Episode One:

Shy Charlie, who’s been in a secret relationship for longer than he cares to admit, starts crushing on the school’s popular rugby star, and joins the team against his friends’ advice.

Episode Two:

Elle struggles to find a place at her new school as Charlie and Tao are certain that Nick is straight. With other friends also beginning to question his unfamiliar feelings, Nick starts questioning if he’s gay too.

Episode Three:

Sparks fly at a birthday party where Nick’s friend, Tara, confides in him; inspired by this admission from his friend that he knows how to be honest about feelings and let them grow stronger.

Episode Four:

Charlie and Nick agree to keep their relationship a secret at school while Nick figures things out, but when his friend Imogen asks him on a date he cannot say no.

Episode Five:

Nick has to decide whether he should go on a date with Imogen or spend time with Charlie. Tao vows to protect Charlie from Nick and his rude rugby friends.

Episode Six:

Tara announces her relationship on social media, but she isn’t prepared for the side effects; friends try to set Elle and Tao up with each other.

Episode Seven:

When both Nick and Tao get into arguments with Harry, Charlie feels that he’s making things difficult for his friends.

Episode Eight:

On the verge of breaking it off with Nick, Charlie is feeling some stress. On the other hand, there’s Elle and Tao sharing a special moment together!


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